The Frozen African

The Frozen African

Friday, March 10, 2017

MARCH BREAK 2017!!!!!

I'm supposed to finish the last post for "ALL ABOARD CRAZY TRAIN" today, but i realized i have no time left because....



Actually i should call it "VEGAS with toddler"!

This vacation is much needed after all the shitstorm that has been happening here !

All of the bags have been 98% packed and we need to clean the house a bit.

We are dropping DJ at daycare this morning (i am actually late to wake him up), run a few errands, go to last minute physio appt (my back started flaring up physio help so no pain during vacation!), and then head straight to the airport.

I will see you guys in a few days !!!


Thursday, March 9, 2017


So to recap from the last post, i quit my full time job and the reason i gave was medical/health reason.

This is not a bogus reason. It is very real.

Let me bring you back to last year...

Guillaume and i had been trying to have another child for a year early January 2016.

We decided it was time to see a fertility/reproductive specialist and we made an appointment with our primary doctor to get a referral around November. We were able to see a specialist in December and we had to wait until my next period, around the end of December, to start the tests they recommended us to do.

Here is our timeline:

Dec. 6 : First appt with specialist

Dec. 30: My cycle Day 1 start and i am supposed to call to schedule a baseline ultrasound and blood/hormones test but clinic is closed for holidays so i have to wait until it reopens. The baseline ultrasound test is to check your follicle count (before they mature as eggs), check your fallopian tubes, and check to see if i had any cysts.

Dec. 22: semen analysis for Guillaume (due to G’s medical condition, we knew that his count was a bit low but we were not sure how low it would be)

Jan. 2: baseline ultrasound & blood/hormones test

Jan. 9: hysterosonogram test; this is one also look at the state of my ovaries, cervix, and fallopian tubes. I heard horror stories of how this one hurt a lot. Luckily, the clinic asked me to take Ibuprofin prior to the test and i think they also precribed with a pain medication just in case to take prior to the procedure. 
The procedure was a bit uncomfortable (TMI saline is injected inside your vagina so not the greatest feeling!), but it is not hurt as much as i thought it would. I think the meds helped. At the end of the procedure, the doctor that did (not mine) said that the saline had trouble going into my left tube but she thought it was a technical error as it happens a few times. 
Afterwards, i went to work and i had a bit of cramping, but that’s about it.

Jan 19 : Progesterone test to check if i ovulated normally.

Feb. 13: Follow up appt with specialist...

So at the follow up appt, the specialist Dr. J told us that G’s semen was actually good (we were beyond excited) and my tests came back all normal and i ovulated normally, except left tube was blocked. When i asked her if we could do an IUI, she told me the clinic had a weight restriction for IUI. I was shocked because their website did not specify this detail and she failed to tell us that detail at our first appointment.

What was the doctor’s recommendation/treatment plan? For me to lose weight and come back when i lose 40 lbs or so just in case we have to do IVF. And nothing else. The appointment ended that way. No words of wisdom. No word of encouragement. No alternatives. No FUCKING nothing !!

To say that i was devastated is an understatement.

I had felt somebody took my heart and crushed it by stomping on it a million of times and then set it on fire ! I wish i could have slapped Dr. J !! I was livid when i left the Dr.’s office. G and i sat in the car for an hour or so trying to take in the news, and i lost it at G (poor guy!). We talked and talked. We figured out that if i could reduce my hours and focus on losing the weight, i could achieve it in 4-7 months.

After i calmed down, we drove back to work and i could not focus on anything. I asked my supervisor if i could reduce my hours but she said she really needed somebody full time. After this, i was still distraught and i was so mad. I decided that if my job could not be accomodated, i would have to leave and focus on being healthy to get pregnant. Plus, the work commute and work culture was getting at me to the point i was starting to get deliberately mean to others (also i had a few bouts of crying fits in the car while on the phone with G which scared the crap out of him and myself too). 

I thought if i slept on it and the next day, i came to the same decision, then i would submit my 2 weeks notice the same day.

By the time i got home, i had asked a few friends and acquaintances (G asked some of his co-workers about their experiences at the clinic), and it was unbelieavble to get feedback from others that had the same tube blocked issue and their doctors recommeded different treatment plans. Some were prescribed medications to ovulate on their open tubes and were able to get pregnant successfully. Others asked for their hystersonogram to be redone and the results showed that their tube was not blocked. 

 I WAS STUNNED !!!!!!!!!

I felt like my doctor failed to give me all of my options and I WAS SO MAD !!!!!

The next day, i asked G to call the clinic and request a new doctor for a second opinion, and i submitted my 2 weeks notice. 

When i submitted the letter to HR, i felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

I felt free!!! 

I started to not care as much (i mean cared about my client and my work), but i didn’t let things get to me too much because i knew there was an end date.

I was so happy !!!!!

Plus i was happy because i had another job lined up just in case ! Mama didn’t raise no fool !!!

To be continued....

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Back to blogging again after a crazy month !

I hope i get to blog more often. I miss it and honestly i need to blog so i can release stress and tension in my life.

Ok whoops sorry getting ahead of myself !

I was trying to figure out how to write this post effectively so i can explain all the events that happened in order, but i think i would have to jump a bit. Don’t worry it will make sense !

So here is the biggest news so far: I FUCKING QUIT MY FULL TIME JOB !!!!!

I KNOW !! IT IS FUCKING CRAZY !! I made the decision in a split second (more like a few hours later), but it was definately a long time coming.

When i started there, it was going fine. The commute was long but ok. Then the more months i was there, the commute started to affect me ( i had to change my hours to make it work). 

I was always tired when i got home. I would help make dinner, do bedtime routine with DJ, and crash in bed with my phone until i fell asleep. 

Sometimes Guillaume and i would do “couple time” by watching a movie/tv show, but i was not fully into it. Some days were better.

In addition of the commute, my workplace started to be a toxic. I had some great co-workers and others were just not that friendly. I am not sure if it is the Quebecois work culture or maybe i had just “cliquey” co-workers, but i felt a bit isolating. I tried to make an effort, but it did not make too much of a difference. 

Though G pointed out that Quebecois are very proud of their language and i may have alientated some of my co-workers by speaking too much English. I mean it sound ridiculous but it makes sense. I mean my work required me to speak French and English to the clients (whcih i did beautifully if i may say so), but i had the habit of speaking mainly in English at work. 

I am sorry and i don’t want to insult anybody and what i am about to say is going to be an unpopular opinion, but Quebois French is not my cup of tea. I don’t consider it good French like Parisian French. It is more “slangey”. So trying to converse with my co-workers was sometimes easy, and other days i would understand half of what they say. Sometimes they would laugh if i said a French word that did not make sense to them. 

Ahhh !!! Anyway, weird work culture.

Another factor was that it seems that the management was not taking our accounting department seriously and we were always pulling our hairs trying to please them.

I gave my two weeks notice mid February and my last day was March 3rd.

Do i regret it ? HELL NO !! Sure, it was tough leaving my supervisor that was so nice to me, but it had to be done.

Do you want to know what reason i gave for me leaving? Medical/health reason.

Which brings us to the MAIN reason and the ultimate catalyst of why i had decided to leave my job.

To be continued on the next post...i promise it won’t be long...

P.S.= Rest assured ladies and gents! I already got another job...sorry for the tease! I will explain more next !

Friday, February 3, 2017


First and foremost, Happy very belated Christmas and very belated Happy New Year !

Hope your holidays went well and relaxing !

Ours went well. It was nice for my mom to come from Ivory Coast and spend time with DJ. As for NYE, we went to bed before midnight, but it was nice to watch the Ryan Seacrest special for a bit.

Now, back to updates:

- the first week of September was the Russell Fair and it was the first time i have been there. DJ had a blast going on rides.

-Few weeks before DJ's birthday, i had 3 of my wisdom teeth removed (4th one was supposed to be removed, but it was too hard for dentist so i will remove it another time). I decided to stay awake during the procedure because going under terrifies me. The process went well, but i was quietly freaking out in the chair. After the removal, i was in deep pain. I had researched for weeks what would help me feel better and i decided to eat soft ice cream and Ensure meal supplement drinks all weekend.
Luckily, i scheduled the procedure on a Friday and DJ was in daycare so Guillaume was able to help me. During the weekend, my mother in law took DJ for a few hours and we had a babysitter on Sunday so i could rest.By Monday, i was starving. I think at one point, i started crying because all i wanted was to eat something. ANYTHING !! I took a few bites of food here and there, but chewing was still tough for me.
 I went back to work on a Tuesday, but i still a bit sore. It took me a few weeks to recover and finally eat normal food, but i'm glad this is done. I will probably go back to get my last wisdom tooth removed later this year.

- September 29, DJ turned 2. Compared to the party we threw for his 1st birthday, we decided to keep this one low key and just have G's parents come over and eat cake.

The difference between DJ at 1 and at 2 is astonishing. Now, he understand much more what we say and he is working on making full sentences. He is much more affectionate, so many smiles with a mix of tantrums. Oh yes tantrums ! We had all kinds: the throw himself on the floor, the deep sighing, and the loud crying. But i realised that now he is 2 yr and few months, we try to explain to him why we no and sometimes the tantrums stop, but other times it does not work. But we know that it shows improvement (i think) and most of the time now we see our little DJ turn into a child. HOW DID IT HAPPEN?!?! Yesterday, i had a slight panic because i realised that in 1 yr and half and our little DJ will be in kindergarten and i ALMOST started to cry ! Oy vey !

- Early October, we went to a food truck rally in Orleans and we had fun. I am obsessed with food trucks !! I ate one of the famous rice bowl from Angry Dragonz and it was delicious and so full !

Excited to see Chase !

- We spent Thanksgiving weekend with Guillaume's grandmother and mother in Mount Forest and celebrated my 31st birthday there. It was nice and relaxing.

- IT FINALLY HAPPENED !!  We dropped the side of DJ's crib. At first, we were waiting until he started to climb out of his crib to make the change, But then we realized that DJ liked when we were cuddling with him before putting him to bed. Sometimes it would be hard to put him back to bed because he wanted to keep being cuddled. So the change was purely our choice so we could cuddle a little bit with him in bed.

It actually went well and DJ was excited about his new "bed". We made sure to put a comforter down and we installed a pool noddle inside his crib sheet to prevent him from falling down.

Guillaume's shirt got wet when he took DJ from his bath

Everything went well. Then, a few days later....

We realized that we were cramped in his "bed" when we were cuddling at night and trying to "expertly" get out of the bed without waking up DJ was very hard !

So we decided to "adult" and actually buy DJ a new bed. This one actually transform from a toddler bed to a full size bed so he can use it when he gets older. Guillaume installed the bed when we went to visit grandma and when he came home, he was so excited ! No tears about the old one ! Bonus= he had his own blanket and pillow.

So now, he is fully transitioned to a big boy bed. YAY! Milestone completed !

Ironically, we learned few weeks later that IKEA recalled the SNIGLAR crib!!! (please see link if you have one and haven't done so yet ).
So we went back to IKEA, returned the crib (we received full refund for the price that we originally bought it 2 years), and bought a few sets of sheets the new bed.

So it was actually a pretty good decision to get the new bed early so it would have not been too much of a shock to DJ. Yay ! High fives all around !!

- After coming back from the wedding in Edmonton, my left leg started to be achy, but i thought maybe i needed to stretch more as DJ sat on me for a long time during the red-eye flight at night. I went to massage therapy (small relief) and acupuncture (worked for a few sessions and then it stopped).

Then, a month or so later, i turned in bed and woke up from a pain in my spine. I thought i twisted wrong (as it happened before, but this pain was more intense). I went to work and the pain intensified to the point i could not stand nor sit anymore. I was able to leave and drive slowly home. I called Guillaume at work and he left work to be with me. I took Advil and took a hot bath with epsom salt which helped for a bit, but as soon as i got up and laid in bed, the pain got tremendously worse. G called the Health Unit and they recommended that i go see my primary doctor within a few hours if the pain does not stop. Waiting was so painful and when we finally went to see the doctor, i started crying when i saw her because i was so done with the pain! All i wanted was for her to stab me with a needle with some sort of magical pain reliever. After examining me, she diagnosed me with a herniated disc and gave me prescription for pain meds. G drove fast to the pharmacy so i could get some relief. I laid in bed for the rest of the day and tried to relax.

For weeks, i tried to find a treatment that would work without meds and physiotherapy was one that helped the most (using orthopedic insoles from the podiatrist also helped as a secondary treatment). I have been doing physio for months now and it is feeling much better than it was before.

-Unto the "nerdy" part of our lives, we started to play a cooperative game called Pandemic: Legacy around mid October. If you are not familiar with the game, the point is to eradicate diseases on the board with the help of other players as different events unfold. It is so fun and very strategic. The Legacy part takes place over the period of a year and so many things happen, and you have to try to win every month or you have to re-do it (with a maximun of 2 tries) before you can move on. Currently, we are on July month and trying desperately to move on lol !

Sorry ! I have been so slow to update the blog, but i promise i have a lot of things to talk about but be patient with me and i will explain everything !!

Have a great weekend everybody !!

Friday, December 30, 2016


Let's recap !

- U.S. Independence Day weekend in Baltimore ! Our flights were uneventful and the weekend was quiet. When i used to live in Baltimore, we would go to the Inner Harbour and watch the fireworks. This trip, we focused on just hanging out with family and catching up. We went to brunch, watched kids movies, played with the kids, and did some shopping. Very quiet weekend !

- Mid July, we celebrated our 4 yr anniversary (YAY!!!) early (our actual anniversary date fell on a weekday) and my mother in law graciously offered to stay overnight and watched DJ, while we stayed downtown for the night. It was our first night away from DJ and it went great. We had dinner at Ace Mercado (Mexican fusion restaurant). While the portion were tapas size, it was definitely good.

The next day, we went to Gatineau Park at Lac La Peche. Last year, we went to Lac Phillippe so it was nice to change it up. At first, it rained a bit, but luckily it stopped and we were able to enjoy our day there. This year, DJ decided to follow us in the water and we had a blast. Though, Guillaume had a minor accident with some tiny minnow fishes that decided to nibble on the freckles on his back. We thought it was cute until he got up and i saw he started to bleed a bit. Yikes !! But nothing bad. Afterwards, we enjoyed some much needed ice cream.

- Around that time, DJ started swimming lessons. We  started the classes when he was 6 months and it was fun. This year, Guillaume and I took turns swimming with him and we could see the changes in him, and honestly i think he enjoyed swimming more with G. It was fun sitting on the sidelines and watching them being cute :)

- DJ also started seeing a chiropractor early August once a month because his left leg was a bit turned. The chiropractor assured us that it will eventually correct itself as he grow up, but doing monthly would help him just in case. We can the difference and sometimes we can see when the leg start

-We went to a work event early August and we go to watch the fireworks at the Canadian Museum of History. The songs playing during the fireworks were so fun that we were singing to all of them. Of course, our selfie game was on point !

-In mid August, we flew to Edmonton for the wedding of Guillaume's best friend and it was fun. We made sure to take DJ to the Castle Downs playground early morning (wedding was around the afternoon) so he could run around and spent some energy. One of the best decision we made was to bring the tablet in case DJ was getting bored at the reception, and it helped calmed him down. Later, DJ was tearing up the dancefloor and i think had a minor crush with the photographer. it was so cute :) One thing we benefited from the trip was that we decided to fly out of Calgary instead of Edmonton, and we were able to see family, friends, and fellow blogger Lisa (Hi Lisa !). I had never been to Calgary before and i really enjoyed it.

Saturday, December 10, 2016


Hello everyone ! Hope your weekend are going well !

I'm going to spread out my updates so i don't make too long posts.

-When we came back from our trip to Ivory Coast in mid-late May, i resume my position at my current contract. However, my hours were starting to get reduced and eventually my contract ended. Luckily, a week and half later, i got another contract position (story of my life right now!) in Gatineau which is so different from previous position. This is more involved, but i have a longer commute now. Guillaume and i had to switch our roles for DJ's daycare (He would drop him off and i would pick up) so i could leave the house very early in the morning to avoid bad traffic. It is challenging at times, but we are making it work.

-In the subject of daycare, DJ had to switch to the new one because the former home daycare provider had to close hers. I was sad because we love her so much (i still see her!) and we were nervous because we had to enter a rat race of finding a decent daycare around us within 2 weeks and half. Some were too far for us, some were primary French (we prefer bilingual, but we have chose one if we had no choice), and the ones who were close to us were full. Luckily, one of G's old high school classmate, V., (we live in a small town) could squeeze us in her home daycare until next year. Thankfully, she was able to give the full time spot to DJ. At first, we had wanted to put DJ in preschool when he is 2 and half, but we had to potty train him per preschool requirement. As he was showing no signs of interest and he was having fun at V's daycare, we decided to keep him there until he starts junior kindergarten. This gives us time to look at other schools. The sweet thing about V's daycare is that DJ is playing with kids whom parents went to school with Guillaume so it is a little bit of a flashback for him, but it is funny that our kids will probably end up in the same school probably. MAJOR TWILIGHT ZONE !!!

- In May, we also decided to interview for babysitters. We mostly rely on Guillaume's mom (his dad lives too far) for babysitting weekly on Saturdays or odd days we need a break, but we also wanted to have the option to give her a break and find somebody we would comfortable to watch DJ if we need a date night. Our babysitter search was a bit weird. We found a few people via our neighbourhood Facebook group, but some were too young (around 12-14 but we needed somebody that could drive in case of emergency), some failed to show up for interviews, and the ones that did show up were ok. Then i decided to use and i found T in late June and she ended up being perfect for us as she works at a daycare in city, more mature, has her own car, and DJ actually like her. She come some Sundays when we need a break/need to clean the house, but we did use her once for a date night and it went fine. So far, it is working.

-In June, i decided to apply for a U.S. visa to go visit my sister in Baltimore for Independence Day weekend. The process and interview went smoothly. I was excited to see my sister, my brother in law, and my nieces again. It is funny because when we came back from ivory Coast, we said that we would not travel for awhile (except for a wedding later in the months), but we jinxed ourselves LOL ! Oh well, onto July then !!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


I realized i never finished doing the recaps for our trip to Ivory Coast. Better now than never...

When we booked our trip to Ivory Coast, we decided not to stress too much about what we wanted to do. We were going to let family decide what they wanted us to do. We just didn't want to do too much.

One thing my dad wanted us to do was to visit Yamoussoukro and see the Basilica. Yamoussoukro is the political capital of Ivory Coast. It is not as big and populated city, but it has a decent population. It is only 1hr 30-2 hrs drive from Abidjan, depending on traffic.

The main attraction in Yamoussoukro is the Basilica and she is worth to see !

The Basilica of our Lady Peace was a gift to the Vatican Church by our former President Felix Houphouet-Boigny (R.I.P./ best President ever!!) and it was constructed from 1985 to 1990. It was consecrated by Pope John Paul II in September 1990.

Fun fact: my parents were there when it was consecrated, and they said it was such a huge honor and amazing thing to see.

I am going to stop blabbing and let you see for yourself (somewhat):

This sculpture is made ENTIRELY out of wood ! IMPRESSIVE !!

Shenanigans outside the Basilica !

This was Guillaume and I's first time to see it, and it was breathtaking. DJ had fun fun running around everywhere, and the ride back home was sweeter as he slept the whole way, and we saw CROCODILES !!

Hello friend !!

The following weekend, my parents took us to the beach and i was in heaven. Guillaume could not understand why i was obsessed with beaches, until he saw the view:

We did not do anything specific, except relaxing, eating, and playing in the water a bit. This is how i like to roll !!

Heck, DJ was just fine laying his diaper and playing in the sand. Yes you read it right, i left my son in his diaper because what the fuck ever! We are on vacation LOL!!

It was the best way to end our vacation.

The last days before packing up to leave, we just stayed home and enjoyed family. The atmosphere was a bit heavy because we knew that we didn't know when we will see them (flights back home are quite expensive), but we were happy we got to be there.

My dad feeding DJ :)

My mom watching music videos with DJ on tablet :)

Cousins and DJ playing in the pool ! Free babysitters !