The Frozen African

The Frozen African

Sunday, March 9, 2014


So i am in Canada now since yesterday !

Wait?! What ?! How did this happened?!

Well, it all started when Fedex decided to screw with us ! When we sent my passport via Fedex to Senegal, they assured us that the local office will be able to pick up it at the Embassy of Dakar and ship it to us within a few days.

Well, when we tried to have their local office pick up my passport last Monday, Fedex informed us their local office in Dakar closed AWHILE AGO !!! REALLY?!?! We were crushed !!! Thank God !! G's mom found a solution : her company had a local in Dakar and she was able to get help from her friend so they could use another courier company, DHL, to pick up my passport locally and sent it to G's mom in Ottawa. Yay !!! DHL was able to pick up my passport on Tuesday and shipped my passport on Wednesday. DHL told us that we would get it on Monday. So at this point, i was still worried about my passport to arrive on time. I didn't trust Dakar postal system. Also, i could see the end of the tunnel and i just wanted to be finally home with G !

Then, something crazy happened.

As we were tracking the package, we saw that the package arrived in Montreal on Friday and was heading to Ottawa that same afternoon!

WHAT?!?!?! I called G at work so excited and he already way ahead of me ! He asked his boss to take the afternoon off and was going to his mom's office to wait for my passport.

Meanwhile, i had to go to the US border customs  in Ogdensburg to get my car title back as i was planning to take my car to Ottawa. Unfortunately, that did not happened. I was there for 1 hr 30 mins, got asked a million and one questions, and did not get my title back. I was livid !!! After this debacle, i went back to Potsdam and continued to pack my stuff.

G and his mom arrived a few hours later after they received my passport, and they helped me pack more things in bags and boxes, and into the car. We stopped around 10pm as we were exhausted and we woke up 6:30am to continue the "pack & stuff" routine. We finished packing around 8:30 and hit the road for the US border, after stopping at the library to print the B4 form and getting breakfast. This time, i was able to get my car title back after waiting 15 mins and we headed to the Canadian border with G's dad in tow as he was waiting for us on the other side of the border to videotape us :)

At the Canadian border, i gave my car title, passport, COPR, and B4 form. The agent reviewed my paperwork carefully and informed us of the steps i needed to do when i get to Ottawa. Then, he said "Welcome to Canada!". Honestly, i didn't heard all of the things he said. I was so shocked that after 16 months of being in the sponsorship process and 20 months of being apart from my husband, i was FINALLY able to be home !! I was still shocked when my in-laws grabbed and hugged me! G could not stop smiling !!

Leaving the border, we headed straight home in Russell and unpacked the two full cars !! We had lunch at home (thanks to my mother-in-law for buying the sandwiches!) and my in-laws left to go home and let us enjoy our time alone :) We had other ideas : we decided to go to Billings Bridge and get myself a new phone! I know crazy !! But i really needed my phone so i could call and text my family and friends :) Bonus: i didn't have to pay extra for the phone and i love it so far !!! When we got home, we ordered takeout (i got shawarma and G got Pepperoni & Bacon sub) , watched the Quon Dynasty (it was hilarious), and went to bed together :) (GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER!!)

This morning, G and I had breakfast at George's and it was great to order breakfast in French. went grocery shopping at Independant grocery store and i love it ! All of the French products i ate when i was a kid was there !! Hmmmmm tasty !!

Right now, i am still in our living room with G, writing this article, discussing blinds options for the house, and watching 27 Dresses on TV while the fireplace is on. It still feels surreal to me !! But we are taking day by day and all i can say is i am so happy and i cannot wait for the rest of our years together :)

We have a lot of things plan for the coming weeks and months so expect an overload of blog posts!!


  1. Welcome here! Where about are you in Ottawa? You will find many European products here, including in major supermarkets ;-)

    Take a deep breathe and enjoy your new home!

    1. Thank you Zhu ! The eerily quiet suburb of Russell lol ! OMG i did ! I went to the Independant and i found so many from my childhood :)

  2. This makes me shed a couple of tears. I am truly, truly, so happy for you! Welcome home!!!! xxx

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