The Frozen African

The Frozen African

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


It has been 3 months and a few weeks since I gave birth to my cute and awesome son.

Despite all of the research and preparation I made to get ready for Baby H, I feel like I failed to get prepared for what postpartum had in store for me physically and mentally after birth.

1-My hair is still the same, except for the shedding part. I am not losing a ton of hair, but it seems like a normal amount. Because mostly do my hair myself, I need to find time to get it trim so new growth can start.

2-During pregnancy, I needed to wear my glasses more often because my vision got a bit blurry (I had no idea that pregnancy can affect your eyesight). Now, I feel like it went back to normal, minus my astigmatism on my right eye.

3-My face is not so puffy anymore as all of the additional water I accumulated during pregnancy has gone down a lot, mostly through sweat and/or pee (sorry TMI!)

4-Of course my breasts have grown to supply more milk for Baby H. I have to get on a rhythm to pump more so I can create a milk stash just in case. I still wear nursing bras and I have to update my wardrobe with more nursing friendly clothes (i.e. more buttoned shirts)

5-My belly has shrunk tremendously, almost to as it was before, but I still have bit added extra skin added to my potbelly. My C-section scar is almost none existent which is great. Though, at times, I have a bit of pain (just a little) when I try to move on my sides when sleeping. I have a few stretch marks and they are not that scary lol. I rub some shea butter on them when I remember. I fit some of my jeans! Yay! The trick? I use a hairtie when I can’t close my top button. Yes I have no shame in my game! Though I bought a new pair of jeans but I need to hem the bottom as it is too long for me.

6-My pelvis is doing fine so far. I had to see a chiropractor three times to get adjusted. So far so good, but I might need to get adjusted again. My chiropractor told me that some women get their pelvis out of whack after giving birth due to the pressure the baby put on our bones (regardless if they gave birth vaginally or by C-section). If I need to get adjusted more than 5 times, I might need to refer to a physiotherapist to correct it. Yikes! Hoping for the best!

7-My feet have grown and I have trouble wearing size 7.5 shoes. Luckily, I can fit my snow boots! I will wait until April to try on my old shoes and decide if I need to get new ones.

8- Mentally, I feel back to myself. Before, it was like a daze of sleepless nights and constant feedings. Now, it is less sleepless nights and less constant feedings, but now my body and mind are used to it. Heck, I feel back to my sexual self which is awesome! Downside is Baby H can sense when we want to get busy so it is tough to make time but we keep trying. I am also able to think more positively. Before, I was stressed out before I wanted to make sure that we took good care of Baby H so we can be seen as good parents by our midwife and my mom. Now, we try not to stress out too much. We know in our hearts that Baby H loves us and we do our best. That’s all that matters! We can’t wait for him to talk to us so we can figure out what he exactly want, but for now we can decipher his cries pretty well. Big pats on our backs !!

Personal picture/ Winter is here !! Bundle up !!


  1. Wow, doesn't he look like you!! This made for a great read. Luke and I want to try this year, so I am just drinking this stuff up!

    1. He does!! Though he has his father's ears. Ohhh so exciting!

  2. Whoop! this is brilliant, I'm glad some of the parental anxiety is slipping away and that you're feeling good. He's such a handsome little man!