The Frozen African

The Frozen African

Friday, December 30, 2016


Let's recap !

- U.S. Independence Day weekend in Baltimore ! Our flights were uneventful and the weekend was quiet. When i used to live in Baltimore, we would go to the Inner Harbour and watch the fireworks. This trip, we focused on just hanging out with family and catching up. We went to brunch, watched kids movies, played with the kids, and did some shopping. Very quiet weekend !

- Mid July, we celebrated our 4 yr anniversary (YAY!!!) early (our actual anniversary date fell on a weekday) and my mother in law graciously offered to stay overnight and watched DJ, while we stayed downtown for the night. It was our first night away from DJ and it went great. We had dinner at Ace Mercado (Mexican fusion restaurant). While the portion were tapas size, it was definitely good.

The next day, we went to Gatineau Park at Lac La Peche. Last year, we went to Lac Phillippe so it was nice to change it up. At first, it rained a bit, but luckily it stopped and we were able to enjoy our day there. This year, DJ decided to follow us in the water and we had a blast. Though, Guillaume had a minor accident with some tiny minnow fishes that decided to nibble on the freckles on his back. We thought it was cute until he got up and i saw he started to bleed a bit. Yikes !! But nothing bad. Afterwards, we enjoyed some much needed ice cream.

- Around that time, DJ started swimming lessons. We  started the classes when he was 6 months and it was fun. This year, Guillaume and I took turns swimming with him and we could see the changes in him, and honestly i think he enjoyed swimming more with G. It was fun sitting on the sidelines and watching them being cute :)

- DJ also started seeing a chiropractor early August once a month because his left leg was a bit turned. The chiropractor assured us that it will eventually correct itself as he grow up, but doing monthly would help him just in case. We can the difference and sometimes we can see when the leg start

-We went to a work event early August and we go to watch the fireworks at the Canadian Museum of History. The songs playing during the fireworks were so fun that we were singing to all of them. Of course, our selfie game was on point !

-In mid August, we flew to Edmonton for the wedding of Guillaume's best friend and it was fun. We made sure to take DJ to the Castle Downs playground early morning (wedding was around the afternoon) so he could run around and spent some energy. One of the best decision we made was to bring the tablet in case DJ was getting bored at the reception, and it helped calmed him down. Later, DJ was tearing up the dancefloor and i think had a minor crush with the photographer. it was so cute :) One thing we benefited from the trip was that we decided to fly out of Calgary instead of Edmonton, and we were able to see family, friends, and fellow blogger Lisa (Hi Lisa !). I had never been to Calgary before and i really enjoyed it.


  1. Your photos are SO CUTE! I can't believe how big he is!! I hope all turns out ok with his foot - there are some foot abnormalities that run in Luke's family, Luke needed corrective shoeing as a boy so that is something we are looking out for with our baby girl.

  2. Girl, you are back finally :D

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