The Frozen African

The Frozen African

Saturday, December 10, 2016


Hello everyone ! Hope your weekend are going well !

I'm going to spread out my updates so i don't make too long posts.

-When we came back from our trip to Ivory Coast in mid-late May, i resume my position at my current contract. However, my hours were starting to get reduced and eventually my contract ended. Luckily, a week and half later, i got another contract position (story of my life right now!) in Gatineau which is so different from previous position. This is more involved, but i have a longer commute now. Guillaume and i had to switch our roles for DJ's daycare (He would drop him off and i would pick up) so i could leave the house very early in the morning to avoid bad traffic. It is challenging at times, but we are making it work.

-In the subject of daycare, DJ had to switch to the new one because the former home daycare provider had to close hers. I was sad because we love her so much (i still see her!) and we were nervous because we had to enter a rat race of finding a decent daycare around us within 2 weeks and half. Some were too far for us, some were primary French (we prefer bilingual, but we have chose one if we had no choice), and the ones who were close to us were full. Luckily, one of G's old high school classmate, V., (we live in a small town) could squeeze us in her home daycare until next year. Thankfully, she was able to give the full time spot to DJ. At first, we had wanted to put DJ in preschool when he is 2 and half, but we had to potty train him per preschool requirement. As he was showing no signs of interest and he was having fun at V's daycare, we decided to keep him there until he starts junior kindergarten. This gives us time to look at other schools. The sweet thing about V's daycare is that DJ is playing with kids whom parents went to school with Guillaume so it is a little bit of a flashback for him, but it is funny that our kids will probably end up in the same school probably. MAJOR TWILIGHT ZONE !!!

- In May, we also decided to interview for babysitters. We mostly rely on Guillaume's mom (his dad lives too far) for babysitting weekly on Saturdays or odd days we need a break, but we also wanted to have the option to give her a break and find somebody we would comfortable to watch DJ if we need a date night. Our babysitter search was a bit weird. We found a few people via our neighbourhood Facebook group, but some were too young (around 12-14 but we needed somebody that could drive in case of emergency), some failed to show up for interviews, and the ones that did show up were ok. Then i decided to use and i found T in late June and she ended up being perfect for us as she works at a daycare in city, more mature, has her own car, and DJ actually like her. She come some Sundays when we need a break/need to clean the house, but we did use her once for a date night and it went fine. So far, it is working.

-In June, i decided to apply for a U.S. visa to go visit my sister in Baltimore for Independence Day weekend. The process and interview went smoothly. I was excited to see my sister, my brother in law, and my nieces again. It is funny because when we came back from ivory Coast, we said that we would not travel for awhile (except for a wedding later in the months), but we jinxed ourselves LOL ! Oh well, onto July then !!

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  1. Wow, that's a hell of a commute! I know, my comment isn't helping. Sorry. I just feel your pain.

    Having trusted childcare providers around you is SO important. You made the right moves!